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i have been working at labor ready for years and i don't understand how the jobs pay rates go down you get certified to do job such as flagging and semi skilled work and your pay is still min wages and when you ask manager(sherry powell) about pay she says if you don't like it go somewhere else i think someone should look into this please and i also want to know why if our office is in hillsborough county and you go to another county to work why you are not payed for travel time. office is 5701 e Columbus drive Tampa fl 33603 start work at 700am company drive to orange county and don't want to start pay till you get to orange county

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Palm Harbor, Florida, United States #1251287

Labor ready sucks

Desoto, Texas, United States #590369

Labor Ready is your employer not the company you are going to and Labor Ready likes to make that clear to you. If something happens you are to inform Labor ready not the place you went to.

That makes Labor ready your employer so they should pay for you to go where the job they contravted is. That's how they did in the one I worked at in Longview,TX..


If you were working at McDonalds do you think they would pay your travel time to and from work? No, you don't get paid until you get to work and clock in.....

Your job doesn't start when you get to Labor Ready. Your job starts when you get to the assigned site.

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