So I see this strange car, with black windows, half rolled down, and a guy clearly avoiding being seen, and call the police to swing by. Turns out he's there to install some stuff for the house.

Also turns out that he has 4 oustanding warrants. Police won't tell me anything, but I dig deeper. Oh boy. The 4 waarants were for failure to pay, no big deal.

The Big Deal was the previous 4 pages of felony drug use, domestic violence, felony buglary, larceny, etc.

Labor ready, you have been warned. You will be changing your business practices, or going out of business soon.

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I disagree with the other comments. To send a convicted felony level thief into someone's home is unacceptable.

To send a violent felon even more so.

I agree he should be able to work. But send him to a construction site instead of into a woman's home.


How do you expect someone to do honest work if you won't LET them do honest work?


Your absolutely right, once your a felon you should never have to work again. The outstanding citizens of this country would be glad to support them for the rest of Their lives.

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