Labor Ready never has any jobs in Fort Myers, Florida.

You show up at 5:30 and wait and wait, only the same workers get sent out. They want your life history and you have to pass a *** test that they say is mandatory.

When questioned about the test I was called a racist by an employee. As far as I know this is illegal in the United States. I reported it to True Blue who claims they have 0 tolerance. Guess what I called back after filing my complaint, as they gave me a report number and a pin number to check the status.

They did nothing but said that I had to call the branch manager at Labor Ready and ask them to call the True Blue hotline and report the incident. ( I thought I did that already). This is a big joke and Fort Myers Florida Labor Ready is dirty and had needles strewn around outside of the building and drug paraphernalia.

Labor Ready should be closed down, the employees there get paid for being rude.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #693997

If there are needles and stuff strewn around outside, that could happen overnight. You don't know what goes on around the building at night.

Another thing it isn't any of your business if some of the clients are using. I have worked in a temp service before and I know from what people that have worked for businesses listed with Labor Ready that if the client gets placed with one business for one day and they turn out to be satisfactory, that business request the person to be sent back until the job is finished. Where I live the clients start lining up outside around 3:00AM, even in the middle of winter, when it is really cold here. You know the early bird gets the worm.

Any business that lists with any temp service is going to request workers that have worked out for them in the past. The difference between Labor Ready and other temp services is that Labor Ready is day to day and the others want workers that can work until the job is done. When it comes to day to day employment the early bird gets the worm.

You say the staff members are rude, stop and think about how you would feel trying to find jobs for people that only want to work day to day and get paid at the end of each day. Try to find a real job.

to anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #724822

labor ready sends the bottom of the barrel, the worst of the worst , i know because i have fired 17 of them in less than 3 months, labor ready is another form of welfare for losers who sign up for work come and go, to places like mine get fired, for indifferent attitudes, showing up late and wanting to leave early JESUS CHRIST LABOR READY WOULD SEND CHARLES MANSON, AND ADOLPH HITLER TO A JOB SITE AND NOT GIVE A ***.!!! LOSERS GO TO EMPLOYMENT CENTERS FOR DAY TO DAY WORK BECAUSE LEGIT, COMPANIES WON'T HIRE THEESE ***'S!!!!

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