know a guy just got out of prison work for this company for about two years and still working there the main company wont hirer him cause his record he is still a temp hes making good money though without any benifits idont know if he lied on his app but i thought they do background checks and i know he smokes marijuana its crazy im not pissed at the situation im shock by it though i know its the one in tempe if any of you ex cons want a job and still get high i advise you to go there for work tell them you want to work at the scrapyard on 35th ave and broadway just south of the river bottom bridge they have nothing but temps working there seems like the company dont want to pay for insurance

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #636829

Neal is an @sshole. He is the boss.

More like a slave driver.

I have no felonies and I worked like a dog for min wage. I'm better off collecting cans then working for this outfit.


Sex offenders, felons, and people without experiance can still be assigned jobs.Background Checks are done to look for certain things...to see what kind of jobs people can be assigned to. Sex offenders are not given jobs that will cause them to be anywhere they aren't suppose to be (i.e.

schools, play grounds ect.), but they can still work! Felons, depending on the offence, can still be assigned to jobs, the past is the past for a reason.

And even someone without experiance needs to get experiance from somewhere, and what a better place then a temp. agency?


so many jobs so many people without felonies but no one without felonies to work the jobs,all this bs makes me mad.labor ready affords me the chance I need to get a job and maybe get hired dispite my past *** acts,more people should be like labor ready and give more of us ex cons a chance.


At least he is trying . That is more than some can say that has never been to prison.And if you were not at his trial to hear the evadence I doun't think that you have room to cridizise him.


There are 2 kinds of people in this world..those who try to make their way on their own legally and those who mooch,steal and illegally take advantage of every opportunity they can at the expense of society. It sounds as if this person you are speaking of has a background problem and you think he should not be able to work for a living. That is just wrong.There are alot of people who would never work an 8 hour day for $58 a day,doing labor work, especially if they are inclined to doing crimminal acts where it could be stolen or otherwise illegally obtained easily.So unless you prefer this person to ***,steal or sell you some drugs rather than try and work an honest day you ought to examine what your intentions really are.I notice you like calling people " Morons" look in a mirror :)


Hey the guys right cons drunks drug addicts. They don't give a *** if someone gets killed becouse a dru or a dopefeen can do the job all lr cares about is screwing you over.

And yiu *** idiots are taking up for them. What a pack of *** morons. You would hand a serialkiller the knife to kill you with. And build the cross the klan would burn you on.

You are idiots and I hope you get on a job with the drunks you support and he *** and it cost you your mobility. Let's see how herd you fight to protect that drunks job you *** ***.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #285903

LR to do background checks? HAHAHAHA.

Wrong. LR hires ex-cons because they make money on every ex-*** on their payroll. If that ex-*** is a druggie or drunk LR doesn't care as long as the state pays them to hire this type of person. I don't know if you were refering to if LR or the scrapyard didn't want to pay insurance.

But if it is LR you are refering to. Well, they don't have to because temporary workers aren't entitled to any form of benefits because they are workers with temporary employment. Meaning that they are "Here today gone tomorrow".

All temp services are like that. Just because someone is a temporary worker doesn't mean they have a permanant job.


Are you mad because you can't find a job. An ex convict should be able to get a job and then you on here snitching talking about he smoke ***. Man get a life and quit hating on the next man.


okay, i guess you have to explain to these morons.The guy just got out about 26 months ago went to labor ready got a job been working eversince okay. :roll


How could this guy be working for Labor Ready for two years if he "just got out of prison"???


well, I'm sorry i don't use spell check what are you some kind of teacher. I'm sure your not a complete ***, you understand what i mean right? ;)


only thing shocking is your grammar. ***. put a few punctuation marks in there.

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