Hello I am a former labor ready worker from long Island city oueens and my job got slow so. I stop coming for a few month,s than came back an it was so hard for me to get a ticket we need to look into this because I am not new.I understand want the office worker,s are doing an the people they are dealing with are on there back for money but that should not stop the old workers from doing what they have to do to keep a part time job. So if you can talk to managment for me that would be great my telephone number is 212-862-4395

Monetary Loss: $1.

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listen everybody! I'm not an addict, a felon, a ***, or a low life.

I've been with labor ready for seven months. I get work everyday. I'm well respected, well liked, and doing well. if you have a clean record, you have a car, and your a go to guy you will get more then those who don't.

if you don't work all the time you either do a low quality job, your a newbie, or you don't come often. turn that around, and your labor ready situation will change. jobs are choosy of you but guess what you gain connections later that can help you if they like you. and your resume is bigger.

good luck! Chris McLaughlin.


Your all bums and.a**holes. If u werent you'd have a real job

Your not capable of getting a real job either because your a drug addict,a drunk,a dirty ***,a felon,or you have a bad attitude.

All things are your own fault.

Quit your *** you pieces of garbage low lifes. If u don't like the jobs or the pay then DON'T WORK FOR US!!!WE THINK YOUR *** ANYWAYS.

to i work in the lr office #762933

Whoa. Who are you??


Oh yeah ? You think that's bad. Labor ready sent me on a job as a RODEO CLOWN !


Oh yeah ? You think that's bad. Labor ready sent me on a job as a RODEO CLOWN !


i've been working labor ready for 3yrs now,,the office i work at had some changes,,branch managment changed locations because another offie was closer to her home,so the new branch manager hasnt given me any work for the last 4 months, i asked about ths and was told i had to show up for work every day,,this in not policy,one guy showed up only 2 days out of the week and gets work,but I have to show up every day?

on top of that i was lied to about a job i've done for the last 2 yrs.

i'm currently looking for a lawyer to file a discrimanation law suit against her.


labor ready does not guarantee they will find anyone work. it's on the first page of your application.

if you want guaranteed work, find a full time job, instead of being lazy. it is extremely difficult to dispatch jobs when you may have 5 to 10 open spots and 30 to 40 people staring back at you. if you were gone for a few months, unfortunately, you will not be considered top priority. it is not fair to the many workers who may have been sitting there those two months without work.

you don't get to cut in line. grow up and get a real job.


This no mercy on the poor is common at labor ready.

Look, all you have to do is kiss up to the big boss.

Beg for her mercy for your child (so called)and agree to act and laugh along, like them with no morals, the inner crew. There trying to brake your morals, if they beleave your easly done in there eyes, when you have no more cash for food for your baby and come begging in tears! They might have mercy but only if you do what ever they say! Even after work!

Try it it workes everytime... :eek

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