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It has been several weeks now,that I've come into the office at 1450 Morse Rd. in Columbus,OH.

Only to be told to come back on monday's. Yes, I have come in at the time stated on the front door. Only to be turned away again. I have come into this office with a gracious and respectful attitude always.

Yet, the people at the front counter refuse to allow me an application. Stating that I could come back on Mondays,and when I do,they say they're not taking application because of not enough staff on duty at that time. I come in on Thursdays only to be told the same exact thing.

It is disheartning for an indivitual who wants and needs to work to support his family,to be turn away in this manner.

Respectfully, Ted S. Williams

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u need to contact the department of labor in the state u live in. u are being discriminated against this is totally against the labor laws in ur states report them at once please i mean it don't fool around with this.

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