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I have been going to LR for about 3 months now. I have only been sent out to work 4 x's .

New arivals and and drunk / high employes get out. I guess i must show up drunk to get get treated like a slave dor 49.82 . Also its not first come first serve . Its return tickets then favorites and then you sit there until 9 and then go home .

So if your not one of her favorites you are not going anywhere. And to everyone that offers thier "advice" like you dont have to work there or *** like that . Here in npr there is no jobs or you have to be a "club member" to get a job . So save it i have been trying to get other employment .

P.s. im not a drunk or drugy, felon or sex ofender .

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Davenport, Iowa, United States #833777

I am a recruiter similar to labor ready hirers. Maybe you did ( with out realizing) *** her off.

You may say who cares but that won't get you work maybe try and be friendlier with the person scheduling.

Even talk to her nicely about it. You might be surprised and end up with all the work you can handle.

to Lahenzo #842858

if you are a recruiter 'similar to Labor Ready', recruiters/staffing specialists in the real world DO NOT consider you a peer! You make barely above $9.00/hrly and if you are blushing, it is because you don't even make that much! These 'agencies' endorse a cycle of poverty and I feel horrible for those caught in it.

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