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this complaint is for the branh manager at the labor ready Alexandria,Va this person does not know how to talk to her employees she talks to employees as if they were children instead employees i am so shocked that you would have someone working for you representing your company because she is not trueblue material some sort of action needs to be taken agianst this person because your company could lose alot of contracts behind this person because no one wants to work for her my suggestion is to tell her to shape up or ship out this is not the first time this has happen this has happen on numerous occasions so i finally decided to step up and say something and i'm not the only person who feels this way going to this branch loking for daily work

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You should try the labor ready in Allentown,Pa were the manager is a tryant.She once refused to pay workers the day that they came off the job saying that the office was closed and that they left the jobsite early.She was sitting in office with doors locked anfd told them to comeback tomorrow.It was only 4:45 pm.


I know exactly what you mean. I was a labor ready temp for a period of time in MO and the people behind the counter act as if their so f'in great.

They treat people as though they're a bunch of flunkies. Not everyone there is a *** fiend loser.

Some are just laid off or just lost a job and need something right at the moment to keep the bills paid. I HATE judgemental people who think their *** don't stink.


I agree with the above post on the manager dealing with thugs, I have been a branch manager for 17 years in SW Florida, and most of the people you deal with will veiw kindness as a weakness, you don't have to disrespect the employees but you must be firm, you deal with idiots every day, employees and clients. Nothing worse than a customer that is a temp with a title LOL

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #214286

She is probably dealing with people who are thugs, illegals, fresh out of prison and rehab. They don't know how to listen unless they are being yelled at and spoken to like children. If it is that bad, look for work elsewhere.


Shut up.


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