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2nd experience with Labor Ready, I'll keep it short and sweet.

Halfway through the job, police invaded high-end client's home to arrest the worker who was wearing a GPS ankle bracelet. A convicted sex offender, he was not allowed to be in that part of town.

Customer pissed, our reputation blown... thanks Labor Ready!

The workers name was Phillip A Shaw, and this occurred in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was hired to do light labor work for our home furnishings company.

The damage Labor Ready has done will cost more than any savings we could ever achieve using a temp agency.

Review about: Temporary Laborer.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #606643

So What.These people need to work also.Why does this bother you?As long as the JOB is getting done who care's outside of you.What you need to do IS MIND YOUR DAM BUSINESS and Leave everyone elses along.WTF.It's people like yourself that MESSES UP THE WORLD.Alway's trying to find FAULT in someone else.Stop and Look IN THE MIRROR at YOURSELF.MR.WANT TO BE PERFECT.


ohhhhh!!!labor ready strikes again!..

labor ready sucks big ones really ive been working there for over a year off and on waiting to get a job that pays more then 8.25.... which ive yet to see, till i realized they jus use peoples needs for food and what not, to slave you for that 6.32 (after taxes) .. dude thats *** man...

dont get work form labor ready you can work before your background checks and before your drug test..*** or not place is a rip off and cons themself..

seth from tulsa oklahoma

if i was that guy id sue the **** out of you and make sure you lost your company what you did was illegal its called defamation of charictor and if i lived around you i would never use your company you have no right or idea what felons go through to suport their familys and guess what in gods eyes you are no better then he is

to seth from tulsa oklahoma #1138958

They can only be sued if what they said is false. I do think it extremely sh*tty for them to publicly name this person. Felon or not, everyone needs an income.


The best thing a client/employee/owner can have is a conscent to a crime lab polygraph.There is no such thing as an x-felon, there are parolees and after which time federal laws that state 7 years or depending on repeat offenders laws and statistics, probably different state to state, I would say that just do your work, if someone bothers it happens to all of us.

Do the best you can and realize that in 7 years they cannot say a word, put on your papers you are on parole and working hard and tell them your goals on paper, then after parole make a cover letter, work toward showing you mean serious business.We need to sign to take crime lab polygraphs, I want TO PROVE myself, and we need more crime labs - they speak for themselves, and if they don't like it, then tuff luck for you!


Temp employment is not just for ex-cons.True some ex-cons work at these places but its a chances at a new start.

Also people who want to supplement there income on days off work there.

Nothing wrong with Labor Ready they just a mistake.

Blasting his name in this blog just shows how childish & immature you are and your business was going to fail one way or another.

Former Laborer

I agree that felons or ex have to finnacially support life as we do,but this guy set himself up for this by not informing L.R.of his travel limits.I've worked for various branches in PA&dont recall background checks.


Being sent out as a rodeo clown was their own fault. You can turn down any job offer. The only time we put up with *** jobs like this is because we like the luxury of eating.


and by the way who do you think you are to post someones information...whole birth name up here on a web site?

you must not care too much about your reputation because did you know you could be sued for such an activity???smh


What do you think ex-felons do when they get out of jail?They have to pay fines and how would you like them to get that money?

Steal and go back to jail? This is just a rediculous comment that shows true ignorance.... if felons don't work and make money to pay fines... they go back to jail...

maybe you should have sent your grandmother to do the job instead of hiring a temp agency. News flash this is a recession and everyone is hungry and trying to eat out here. If you didn't want a felon working for you you should have hired someone with no record. Your fault not thiers!

The label felony only makes getting and keeping a job that much harder.TAt least he was working for you and not robbing you dummy!!

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