I've gone to the labor ready here in Arlington TX, And i asked if i can fill an application for a job. The time i arrived was 10:20am that day.

They said we only accept applications at 10:30am come tomorrow. I said can't i wait till 10:30 now they said no. I came back the next day they told me come back again. I am now on my 15th time.

I mean its like These Bastards do not want me to fill out a form to get hired with them.

On my 15th try they said come back in two weeks and we will let you fill in a form. It's been almost a month and i am still trying.

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Look for another temp agency. It is possible that the L/R branch in Arlington does not have enough work for their regular workers and is stalling, hoping that you will go away.


I would think you could sue for discrimination, because they aren't following procedure

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