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I went to labor ready for employment. I filled out the application,the w-4, gave two forms of I.d.

or identification, I took the safety test and all that other stuff and gave it to the CSR Lily. She told me I could start working. Today, nobody that works there can find all that stuff I filled out. They lost all my papers.

Also, you're fortunate if you get one day a week to work there.

Also the CSR's and other staff are so unhelpful. The labor ready I went to is located in Tamarac, FL

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Don't go to Honolulu, Hawaii labor ready offices. Very uneducated worker in offices.

They also advertise this huge almost 8'x 10' sign in there window that reads ”Now Hiring” then when you walk in they will tell you ”not accepting any applications”.

Really!! Then can you take the sign down.

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