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Labor Ready dont care about people. You can be a half decent worker that some companies want to hire but what Labor Ready will then do is deliberately put you on another ticket so the slave merry go round keeps spinning.

If your a decent person and you keep going back to the same company then that company might hire you destroying True Blues prospects of using you for some hellhole job somewhere; of which there are plenty. if your a decent person dont expect certain managers to acknowledge it. With them its just cold, apathetic,bottom dollar slave driving, and now these days they not only pay minimum wage and in states like NY of which i speak have fought the raising of the minimum wage of a paltry 7.25, they even had the nerve to change theyre pay system and make people wait until the end of the week thereby eliminating any fringe benefits at all. If you are a decent person understand that very often you will end up around ex-convicts thatre still prison mad or someone fresh off the bannana boat and all his compadres.

Very often youll still be working while theyre pie holes are flapping. if you feel sometimes your in *** with all this and True Blue's greed, maybe you are.

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you are so right


They think they're going to get away with playing these games with us. They'll have a lot more to think about when my lawyer and iI shut the place down from legal action. We got them on breaking their own policies & legal issues.

to ***ed_at_LR #1410911

New name Slaver ready. Their new job stack app for android I renamed 'Jobcrap'. Because that is exactly what it is, crap jobs for ridiculously low pay.

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