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Anyone with complaints about Labor Ready, contact me 215 203-4045 I am looking for workers who have serious issues. I am taking on the fight.

Labor Ready need to be Federally punished finally. It is not hard, yet

devided we stand, devided we fall. If you a a female that can prove race or gender issues, ploease. I want to hear from you. Also, from those who have longivity with Labor Ready. Plesae, do not fear their tactic. They

have discontinued sending me out after nearly ten years with them. I am

not only one of their best employees. I nearly perform close to 2000, if

not over that a year in hours. And with Labor Ready, that is a rarity.

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worked there a few years and jobs dried up. now the manager is running her mouth about my abilities mi issues or there lack of to my stepsons dad


I was sitting at labor ready for 3 weeks and never got put out to work.Joe the *** manager at Manteca California labor ready put all men out to work and me and 2 other women didn't get not one job and when we ask why he says he will never put girls out because they don't get good comments on females.

All I want to know is how can he tell me how hard I work and I think it's wrong to discriminate against women just cause your a sexist pig and he's the boss so what he says has to be right according to the other employees sending out worker's. My fiance worked for labor ready 1 and a half years ago, got good reviews from jobs sent to, he got a full time position at a factory and now Joe at labor ready is saying he got bad notes on his file. I want to know how you can put bad things down when he was already not working through them anymore.

How can I get help about this and who can I complain to that will actually do something about this guy?:sigh


just found out today that i was turminated from my local branch in binghamton ny.nice to let me know after giving me the run around since the week before christmas.

i yelled at my manager of the branch when he started to yell at me and talk to me like a 5 year old kid.

they have very bad work ethics.f-em.:(


man i hav the bigest law suite on labor ready any one hase every seen im in lots of pain and cant sleep eat walk or ssit very god with a brokenn back can you sa workers from labor reeay are not soupost to e onn roofs :( :cry :x :sigh :upset ;) :grin :eek :roll :) :p 8) :? im sorry i cant tell you howi fill but pain

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357059

Im not one that needs a second chance but just a better ECONOMY!


I could have done the job Labor Ready had hired there desk managers to do the right way, the first time. My application does not stutter!

Everyone has skills but most employers want at least a GED. I didnt ask this Client of labor ready for a job but they asked me to fill out an app! And because I am an asset, LR Lied there *** off as if I was to *** to realize. I called there bluff. Labor Ready is out for them selves, Period!! Labor Ready *** me...

Labor Ready can and will lie there *** Off! I dont do drugs but Im to smart to put labels on boxes yet not smart enough to have the sit down job that my doctor requires I do. If the dmv report disqualifies me to drive for employers, then where is the copy of the report? Back up what you say! It should be in the system via computer or in my folder, right! Now I have to wait 2 days to go back to work because continued...They are supposed to help me get a job not take away as Worcester Mass did!


Sorry to hear about your plight, but you have to realize that demographically (your group) is a apart of the "down trodden".

They don't vote and don't participate in anything, because they feel their efforts don't matter. So good luck with that lawsuit.

My best advise, find a great litigation attorney from a real firm, not just our of the phone book, and take them to civil court. Your fellow complainers might not get anything but at least you'll be compensated.

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