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I want to know what I can do about the mental anguish I'm receiving from the Staff here in Long Beach, Ca The way I'm treated I feel terrible about myself and get very depressed. It's effecting my performance at my other job, it's now effecting my family and I'm just tired of allowing this to bring me down. I mad a formal complaint to Corporate and they have don absolutely nothing, I've contacted Consumer affairs and the Labor Board, I will reach out to any and I will reach out to any and everyone that will listen. I go to the Labor Ready on 116 W 7th St Long Beach, CA, been with them for years. I use them for second job for extra money. They sent me out plenty of time - I am a hard worker. Whenever I show up, they send me out right away. Suddenly they change the office staff. This new woman came Pam and she has to be the nastiest, disrespectful, unprofessional person I have ever met. There is another girl, Cheryl Now she used to be okay but now she acts like Pam which makes it double worst. So go up to Labor Ready every morning for a week. No job, then I introduce myself to Pam I told her who I was and how long I've been with them. She was very nice so now I think, great go back following day.

Nothing, at the same time I see that most of the people that show up for work at 5 am me included are looked over and she picks the guys that hardly have any experience and aren't even here in the morning like the rest of us. I go on Friday and I ask to talk. She said really loud, "I don't want to hear you whine to me like a " B***h" She says, "I have no time for you, come back Monday or just let me contact you when I get you a job. You don't even have to come bother me anymore." She said, "If you have something to say, you will never go to work again for us."

Everyone was shocked and I felt like I was being scolded by my teach. I have to say I've never been talked to this way by anyone. I was embarrassed and my co-workers were embarrassed for me. I said to her she has no right to talk to me like that and who does she think she is. She turns around and said, "I'm GOD to you if you ever want to work." I walk away. I think this woman is horrible and you would get more complaints about her but people are shared. Ever since she has gotten there, she gets ruder and I cannot let her abuse her authority the way she does everyday. She plays favoritism and she is not fair and she doesn't care how she speaks to us because we need the jobs. She told me, "I'm not the one that needs to work, you are, so be careful." Is this any way to speak to grown men? No it's not, it's degrading and it needs to be addressed. I see that this site allows you to upload video that will have to be my next step I am not exaggerated about any of this so I will have to show you. Thank you.

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HAHAHAHA she is God?She makes $9 an hour!

Convenience store clerks make that or more...cue in the old saying 'misery loves company'..

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #777044

This doesn't surprise me.I heard the long beach location was the worst location a few years back.

Supposedly it has been fixed.

Sorry this happened to you.I would've folded that lady into a pretzel and stuffed her into a dumpster.

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