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I have worked for this company since2011 and on the 23rd of thisonth I completed a job at Ga. Power and was waiting to get paid at 11:00 that night and hadn't been paid so I called the manager only to find out he was out of town,but he told me that one of the girls in the office was responsible for paying us so I sent her a text and was told that she was doing yard work for her mother and she was not going to stop what she was doing to pay us, so I had to wait until Monday to get paid. This is the Macon Ga. Branch and this is not the first... Read more

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They want you to workbut doesnt wa t to pay you Add comment

Don't work for this joke of a temporary service Add comment

I have worked for labor ready since 2011 and I have not been able to get paid properly since I started. I have worked in the same place for over a year and my pay is incorrect at least 3 times a week. On Friday, April 1, a person that is a temp, received his pay at 5:11 and I didn't get mine until 6:46. we were on the same ticket and receive our pay the same way. Sometimes my boss will send in my time at 11:00 and I wont get paid until after 6:00. I recently changed to direct deposit and was told my pay for Saturday and Monday would be in my... Read more

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Worked for Labor Ready, Aiea Hawaii from March 7 thru 12th. Local Office without my payments for March 8,10 and 12th without notice or explanation. First I checked with Labor Ready's Customer to verify they submitted my hours to the office immediately after this started to happen on March 9, phoned Labor Ready Office and sent texts to Ryan / Johnaton about missing pays stubs, left voice messages about missing pay stubs, no return calls or replies from Labor Ready Office or Management Staff. Labor Ready's Customer also resubmitted my hours for... Read more

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Thanks for the *** Easter u need to learn how to do pay roll, trust me I'm being nice right now but this company needs some help maybe you need more people working Friday night and Saturday because now I have to ask for a ride to work on Easter for Monday this is the worst company for getting payed from but speedway is right up there to. two weeks in a row we dint get payed right, I worked 47 hours and this is how I get treated and I work for the highest company that pays labor ready 22.50 and I get 12 I think this company should be first on... Read more

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I use Labor Ready all over the United States, while working for myself or other construction company's. The Sarasota Fl. branch of labor ready is the worst!!! The people in the office are rude, unprofessional, never answer the phone. I went on to the office and they told me they were too busy to answer the phone, that was it, treated me like ***, a costumer. How do the treat the temporary employees? Still waiting for a call from the Regional manager. Read more

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Don't pay their workers on time,always blame the vendor or their payroll company, they promise you pay @ end of day, lies lies lies! ! Read more

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Staff is rude. Very unprofessional. If staff don't like you or if your white forget it They don't match jobs with you. Feel like used cattle. Call and post at last minute. They are even unsure if the environment you are going to. Don't post your pay paper in a timely manor. Very discrimative if your not there friend or enthnic you will get the *** jobs. Contacting the BBB. New employees beware. Former Michigan employee Read more

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They left me waiting for them for over 30 minutes while they took a cigarette break. I wanted to leave, but they had my drivers license. There was no toilet paper or hand soap or paper towels in the bathroom. I overheard the receptionist telling a lady who told her that she had a record to come back the next day at 8am that she had a job for her. She never told me that because I am over weight. I guess a criminal record is ok there as long as your not over weight. This was the receptionist who had a problem with my weight. That place was not... Read more

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